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The PREMIER JOURNEY to The Ancient World, weaving together  the Peoples of those lands and civilizations and the way they lived and - their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams, their lives.


So many lands, empires, city states, territories, peoples, cultures, beliefs, symbols. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees; to notice the patterns; to sense the human interrelatedness; to catch the common or similar fears, aspirations, dreams, brutalities, misunderstandings, and strivings to know. Yet the continuities and common themes loom every bit as important as the often perceived "Tower of Babel." After you have finished with Prehistory, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the other ancient civilizations, then  end with this Spanning and Connecting Chapter.  It is only a taste of what is available - hopefully the finest.  This OVERVIEW bridges all the civilizations and deals with special places, archaeology, arts and antiquity, cities, sites, cultures and culture, medicine and science, women, history and literature, myths, magic, legend, warfare, sources, lists.
This Web Part IV is an older site.  It is not often updated.  But still contains some remarkable sites by others.


Internet Classics Archives: A SPECIAL SOURCE
Award-winning, searchable collection of 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation) complete with user-provided commentary.
Classics Pages : Start Page A VERY SPECIAL PLACE
Probably one of the finest classics sites. Its tantalizing "specials," its translations, interactivity, current news. Keep it handy. What's New Section is special and interesting. The Special Pausanias and its trips through excavations focuses on Sparta. Herodotus Page Special contains all the news and gossip. Two Specials I liked best: The great Odyssey game - for students, adults. The Special Loxias's page - "Ask the Oracle." EMail her questions about any literature, mythology, history. Need help with a translations? Need a Latin motto for yourself, schools, club, gift? She will respond in 48 hours! And the wonderful summaries and translations of  "The Aeneid."
The Fanatical Classics Page
Interesting site from an intelligent fanatic.  Why Study the Classics? The answers from UMontanaTrinity,   Notre Dame.  "Are you interested in philosophy? Does poetry push your button? Perhaps you enjoy a story of grand struggle, the showdown at high noon between personalities larger-than-life. Rhetoric, history, literature, languages, philosophy, history of medicine,
military history... Classics has it all!"  Chat Room.  Cambridge Classics Links, Book Resources for Classicists, Jobs for Classicists!, Latin/Greek/Classics Departments, Classical Authors' Homepages.
Fun with Latin
Games, challenges, you know more Latin than you think!


Antiquities Theft
Definitive paper and source on fascinating topic of global wide antiquities theft from late 1700s to today. Books, articles, all known sources. Bibliographies, links, analyses.
Ancient Musical Instruments
Musical instruments in Antiquity? Especially the Greek and Roman ones. What did they look like, in which context were these things used and who played with it ?  Theory, organ, aulos, percussion, strings, pan pipe.   Fascinating, if you are interested in music. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Major museum of the Univ. of Michigan with two exhibit galleries - Greek/Rome and Near East/Byzantium.


Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - In Recreated Splendor


Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Introduction to 3 Ancient World Cultures on the Web. Excellent beginning site. Near East, Ancient China & Greece & Rome, Early Islam, Medieval Europe, Ancient Egypt and India. Anthology, history, chronology, essays, resources.
Taste of the Ancient World
Exhibit about Greco-Roman eating and drinking, farming and starving presented by Univ. Mich. undergraduates and placed in the Kelsey Museum with an extensive on-line site. Table Wares, Fishy Matters, Karanis - a Farming Town in Roman Egypt.


Bulfinch's Mythology, 'The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes'
Huge, superb, constantly updated, links to every mythology site on earth and beyond. Best source.
Classical Myth
"Designed to draw together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology, this fine site from the University of Victoria is "classic."
Classical Mythology by Geography
Creative idea to "give those with an interest in classical mythology a way to associate the stories with the land." Decide on your place, click, and there are the myths!


Catapult History
"The first catapult was invented around 400 BC in Greek town of Syracuse."  And more information:  Here.  "For use in siege warfare, it is believed catapult history begins somewhere in the 300s AD. Engineers working for Phillip of Macedonia are credited with building the first ballista. This model of catapult used two wooden arms, tightly wound ropes and a cord to assist in the hurling of deadly projectiles, such as spears, at an enemy. The ballista’s use of torsion force to launch objects earned it a lasting place in the history of catapult.   <>Not to be outdone, the Romans added their own chapter to history of catapult with the later creation of the mangonel. This model was similar in design to the Greek version, but called for only one wooden arm. The mangonel, however, had somewhat of a design flaw in that in called for a wooden barrier to be constructed. Its place in catapult history is nonetheless well documented as this model was still in use when the trebuchet arrived on the scene. Unlike its earlier Greek brother, the mangonel is counted as a simpler design in history of catapult."
Warhorse Simulations
 Severa; historical games. Epic of the Peloponnesian War gives opportunity to command the triremes and hoplites of classical Greece in the climactic struggle between Athens and Sparta. In Empire, struggle for the imperial throne in a fictional ancient empire. Use military force, diplomacy and politics.  And then there is Hannibal, the Roman Republic, and more!


Diotima: Essays, Articles on Women in Antiquity
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Materials for the study of women and gender. Many sources.
Women's Life in Greece & Rome
Tour de Force by Mary Lefkowitz, Mary R. and  Maureen Fant. Women's Voices, Men's Opinions, Philosophers, Legal Status, Public and Private Life, Occupations, Medicine and Anatomy, Religion.


Can't sleep? Turn on your computer and read Aristotle. Curious about talk of Plato? Pull up "The Republic." The following sources can all be downloaded and/or printed.

Ancient World Civilizations: The Complete Chronology
Excellent chronology of interrelated dates and progress from 3450 BCE. Near East, Greece, India, Egypt, China, Rome. Put global developments in context, who understands the necessity of the "bigger picture." For example, "at the same time that x happens in Greece, y happens in China."
Archimedes of Syracuse: History
Life, contributions in geometry, major theories and explanation and commentary on each.
Aristophanes: The Frogs - Complete Play
Aristotle: Poetics - Complete Text
Aristotle: Summary of His Life
Hippocrates: The Oath   - Classical and Modermn
Homer: The Iliad - Complete
Homer: The Odyssey - Complete
Plato: The Republic - Complete
Pliny the Elder - Various Quotations
Sophocles: Antigone - Complete Play
Works of Herodotus
Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War - Complete
Virgil: The Aeneid - Complete


Several important sources,  I have "sourced" into the chapters on the individual countries.  For example, under Egypt.  Although often found under the "Special Site" section, they are also spread throughout the mini-chapters.

Creative Impulse:  RomeSurely the finest and most thorough Rome Source and then go to his Egypt, and then Greece.  Up to date 
Home Page -- American Historical Association
ILTweb: Academic: Index "The Study Place"
Digital Texts. Many of the ancient writers with biographies of each and complete texts. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Virgil.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Focused, with comments and evaluation.  Its thematic category is one way to group the ancient world.
Library of Congress Classics Resources - Access to LC Collection of Classics Sites
About Basic Greece List
Mr. Donn's Ancient History
The award-winning, searchable collection of 350+ accessible Web sites offering information on ancient civilizations, archaeolog, maps, timelines and clipart. Early man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other civilizations.  Essays, games, lesson components.  Awesome.
NM's Creative Impulse:  The Development of Western Civilization 
All Time Favorite Intelligent List Site. Nancy Mautz is one dedicated woman!  
Oriental Institute WWW - University of Chicago - Scholarly Gem
Roman World - Thorough and detailed
Tech Classics Archive
Indispensable searchable archive of 400+ classical Greek and Roman texts in translation.
Teacher Oz's Window on History
Current, thorough.   Excellent links, dedicated WebMaster/Scholar.
Voice of the Shuttle: Classical Studies Page
Leading resource site in language, archaeology, art, history, literature, mythology, philosophy.


So many folks have labored to organize and coordinate sources across the Web for the Ancient World.  I particularly liked these:
Classical Resources (J. Ruebel)
Egyptology Pages
Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation
Doesn't get much better.  Full, intensive, future oriented.

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I created this site for folks in the Web World who enjoy Ancient history as much as I do: the "public," history buffs, families, students of all ages, elementary and high school teachers, university faculty.  I have tried to be intensely aware of others' work and respect copyrights.  I don't think I have violated anyone's work - and only highlighted the special efforts of others. If anyone feels to the contrary, contact me. I wanted this site to be available for public use, personally or in a classroom - and as a resource for teachers at all levels.  Thus no passwords are required. I only ask that if you refer your students to this site, that you credit me properly for the years of work this entailed.